721 Tonkatsu Restaurant 幸福牧場(上海九六廣場店)

生活在今天的上海有时候充满着乌托邦式的梦想,不切实际,但毫无疑问,梦想是人类最天真最无邪,一种意识里追求动力的源泉;有时候为了生存, 人们每天都在重复着这些同样的事情, 尽管人们从事的工作不同, 然而所有的这一切无非是为了两个字“幸福”,为了吃的幸福、家庭幸福、过的幸福、活的幸福……

Living in one of the busiest city of the world, people in Shanghai seem to have a kind of Utopian dream, a little unrealistic, but undoubtedly, it is dream that presents the most natural and primitive goodliness that people have always been longing for and subconsciously looking after. However, in order to survive, people repeat the same work day after day, but no matter what they do, they never forget their initial aim --- the pursuit of happiness --- eat happily, spend family time happily and live happily.

721幸福牧场位于上海浦东,这个年轻的烧肉品牌成立于2012年,古鲁奇设计团队基于餐厅名称”幸福牧场”的品牌内涵, 一个专门生产”幸福”的牧场, 希望在繁忙的上海都市中创造一个闹中取静的幸福角落, 清新的牧场风格得以让人们透过窗口静观这纷扰的城市, 进而帮助人们审读自我生活中,记载的各种形形色色的人们, 对于美好事物有着不同的憧憬和渴望。

721 Tonkatsu Restaurant , a new Japanese Restaurant founded in 2012, locates its new home in the busy Pudong District of Shanghai. Based on its brand connotation --- a pasture that specially yields happiness, the Golucci design team try to created a corner of happiness in a tranquil place of the prosperous and dynamic Shanghai. The fresh and clear style enables people to sit quietly watching the bustling city, and meditating their dreams, visions and craves.

设计总监利旭恒认为, 对于现代餐饮空间的设计, 食客心理因素要优先于生理因素来考虑, 特别是在繁华的都会中心, 用餐当然绝对不只是纯粹的生理行为, 更多的是心理学的反射, 每当用餐时刻, 人们思考的除了美食之外, 同时也再选择一个能让身心完全放松的空间, 在饱餐一顿的时候也能得到幸福感。

The designer Lee Hsuheng believe that, in terms of the design of modern restaurant, they should consider more about the guests’ psychological feeling than their physical experience. Especially when the dinning place is in the center of a busy city, dinning is not just a simple physical need, but more a psychological enjoyment --- so when meal time comes and people think about a restaurant, besides delicious food served, consideration will also go to the environment, since an elegant and tranquil place will make them feel fully relaxed, and more importantly, this will bring them a sense of happiness.

我们直接利用了餐厅室内空间的两大主题材料: 橡木实木与红砖, 厚重的大木门配上手工打造的生铁门把, 主要意图在壅挤的上海建筑丛林中体现温馨的牧场仓库的概念形象, 希望藉由牧场仓库的形象带给人们生活富足的幸福感。

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