将属于夜场的概念融入到整个空间当中,满足 Z 时代年轻人的聚餐需求,将场景化与虚拟和现实连接,视觉化的虚拟符号使社交场景自由切换,将体验感置于整个空间之中,搭配科技感的氛围来打造多元化的感官体验。


Integrate the concept of the night scene into the entire space, catering to the dining needs of the younger generation in the Z era. Connect the virtual and real through scenarization, allowing social scenes to switch freely with visualized virtual symbols. Immerse the experiential sensations throughout the space, combining a futuristic atmosphere with technology to create a diverse sensory experience.

Employ modern design techniques to collide and fuse with traditional spaces, enhancing the dining ambiance. Utilize modern technology such as screens, materials, and lighting on the existing framework to craft a lively dining atmosphere. The collision of elements breaks away from conventional dining impressions, creating a uniquely layered experience.