Puyu Restaurant 璞御會所

低调奢华  璞御会所

璞御会所座落于天津市中心区, 整个区域内国际体育馆与公园林立, 呈现出市中心闹中取静独一无二的国际都会样貌, 这同时也呼应璞御会所高端商务宴请的市场定位。

Located in the central area of Tianjin where international stadiums meet parks and tranquility meets business, Puyu Restaurant ambitiously shows its market orientation --- high-end business banquet place.

“低调奢华 ”不代表“虚浮的财富”而是一种人生的境界,会随着人生阅历的累积与心境的成长改变。在中国崛起的太平盛世下“低调”是品味人生的新概念。这个项目延续设计师利旭恒对美食空间品味一贯的追求态度,在质朴的质感中保有华丽创意的实践。 

Low-profile luxury does not only avoid flashiness, but also it represents a deep understanding of life --- people’s sense of luxury will change as they experience a lot. And nowadays, “low profile” is a new pursuit of the Chinese people under a prosperous and peaceful stage. This project shows a consistent concept of the designer --- presenting luxury in simplicity.

璞御会所再一次的拔高了中国火锅的高度, 特邀请了台湾著名设计师利旭恒主笔室内设计, 设计手法一向喜欢融入中国元素的利旭恒运用了西方时尚的手法, 并结合大量的中国元素, 呈现出令顶级食客们感到耐人寻味的低调奢华与温馨感。 利旭恒表示: 由于他在空间气质中融入了抽象与具象的中西文化混搭, 意境上来自抽象的富春山居图, 建筑融入瑞士国宝及建筑师Peter Zumthor的Therme Vals概念, 低调冷冽的材料上搭配清康熙年代意大利画家郎世宁的中国宫廷画, 回异的时空与时区在同一个空间碰撞, 使得宾客们不知不觉的感到身心灵的放松。  

The customer specially invites Taiwanese designer Lee Hsuheng,to conduct the interior design. This time, Li uses the Western fashionable skills, combined with lots of Chinese elements (which is his great expertise), to successfully present a delicate sense of low-profile luxury and warmness. “I combined many abstract and concrete Chinese and Western elements in the restaurant. Aesthetically, I draw on the beauty of Fuchun Mountains (a famous drawing in ancient China) and integrate it with the concepts of great Swiss Architects Peter Zumthor and Therme Vals, and prettify the calm materials with Chinese Court Paintings of Kangxi’ reining period of Qing Dynasty by famous Italian painter Giuseppe Castiglione. In this way, existences of different place and time meet in this restaurant, which makes the guests unconsciously feel comfortable and relaxed.” Li said.

从入口处开始,设计师的概念是将大量的棋子陶瓮串联成醒目的落地墙面,让第一眼印象就充满戏剧性,同时也成为整个空间营造出张力十足的华丽背景。选材上采用的元素包括:石材、金属、玻璃、大量的水晶灯等,突显了璞御会所在天津市场顶尖的定位, 设计师利旭恒为了让津城顶级宾客在品味美食之外,视觉感官也能有绝妙体验。在这里直接领会到当今中国最奢华高调火锅料理精彩演义。

The entrance is designed by a floor-to-ceiling wall made by lots of chessman-like pottery urn chain, which shall catch the passers-by’s eyes at their first sights and present a gorgeous background for the restaurant. The materials used include slate, metals, glass and many crystal lights, which shows the high-end orientation of Puyu Restaurant in Tianjin. Li creates a unique visual and sense experience for the high-end restaurant customers while having delicious food, and thus making Puyu the top luxurious hotpot restaurant in China.

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